Service and Network Operations Group - "The Voice of Operations"

Welcome to the Service and Network Operations website.

The Service and Network Operations group (SNO) is a specific working group which has been put in place by the International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunications Sector (ITU-T) to encourage the development and the implementation of Network and Service Management activities.

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Topics of Interest

SNO has three general areas of interest. These are -

Network Management - Covers topics related to the operations of telecoms networks across traditional and next generation networks.

Service Management - Covers topics related to the service management of telecoms networks across traditional and next generation networks.

Hot Topics - Covers topical areas that challenge traditional telecoms carriers, ISP's and next generations telecoms companies.



Along with these general areas of coverage , and as part of its ITU-T activities, SNO plays a vital role in stimulating and initiating recommendation work within ITU-T Q5/2. ITU-T Q5/2 allows for the identification and capture of recommendations that are considered vital for network and service management within the carrier and service provider industry.

Please check this site regulalrly for the latest news to get the most up to date information and specific messages related to activity within these groups.


Attention Manufacturers and Sponsors!

There is an opportunity for manufacturers to make known their products, services and solutions into SNO. In addition, other sponsors such as government bodies may be interested in contributing to SNO. Further information is available at the Opportunities link under Sponsors on the left of this page.


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